Raila’s Campaign Gadgets Scare Villagers in Busia

Raila’s campaign gadgets scare villagers during a political rally on Thursday, May 26 in Busia County.

The Azimio One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga took his campaign trail to Busia County where he promised youths employment opportunities.

Mr. Odinga promised that his government would create jobs in both the formal and informal sectors for the youth. 

He also promised to make it easier for micro, small, and medium-sized entrepreneurs to get funding to grow their companies.

However, while speaking about youth employment, Raila noticed that his audience’s attention was divided between him and the hovering drones that made a buzzing sound, forcing him to allay their concern. 

Raila briefly cut short his speech to explain to the scared a section of the crowd.

He explained that the machines belonged to his campaign team.

He revealed the drones were deployed to enable his supporters from Kenya and across the world to follow his rallies as they happened.

“Do not worry about that, it belongs to us (Azimio campaign team). It is called a drone,” the former Prime Minister explained.

“It is currently taking photos and live footage of the rally which will be transmitted all the way to our supporters in America and Australia. Lift up your hands so that they can see you!” he told the supporters.

Raila’s Campaign Gadgets 

Drones deployed in Raila’s campaigns
Raila Odinga campaigns in Busia County, Western Kenya, 26, May

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In addition, he committed to addressing the mistreatment of Kenyan fishermen in the border county by Ugandan police forces. 

He stated that in order to fix the issue, he would seek an audience with President Yoweri Museveni.

“I was with Museveni last week and if I had knowledge of what was happening, I would have raised it with him face to face. That notwithstanding, I will give him a call to ask him to let our people go,” he added.

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