June 14, 2024

Ruto allied MPs propose budget cut to Uhuru’s office

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Ruto allied MPs are proposing for budget cuts to Uhuru’s office, and money be allocated to ‘Hustlers’.

The MPs are proposing amendments to the Budget Policy Statement 2022 to provide resources for Hustlers.

Kimani Ichung’wa, a Kikuyu MP, and Wilson Sossion, a Nominated MP, want the budget ceilings lowered to slash Sh177 billion and apportioned to small enterprises and counties.

Ichungwa urges MPs to set aside Sh50 billion for loans to Covid-19-affected Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

In order to fund the kitty, he seeks budget cuts to the President’s Office, Defense, and Interior Ministries.

The MP also wants the budget to counties boosted from Sh370 billion to Sh495 billion, citing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s promise of extra money to counties.

Sossion, for one, is requesting that Sh2 billion be included in the budget to fund Teachers Professional Development by the teachers’ employer, TSC.

However, despite Ruto allied MPs proposals, the Kega-led Budget committee team has approved a Sh1.55 trillion ceiling as spending for the national government executive and Sh18.9 billion for the judiciary.

The Office of the Auditor General would get Sh6.4 billion from the approved allocation to the national government.

The Budget Committee set a Sh370 billion ceiling for county governments’ equitable contribution, while the Equalisation Fund’s cap was set at Sh7.07 billion.

Despite recommendations for the ministry’s budget to be rationalized to fit within the available deficit window of Sh400 billion, conditional grants to devolved units have been set at Sh37 billion.

Following MDA queries, BAC claimed that it received additional requests totaling Sh125 billion from departmental committees.

The Education Ministry, for example, is slated to receive Sh4 billion for CBC infrastructure as part of the supplementary allocations.

MPs have also proposed a Sh20 billion budget for primary schools, with a Sh81 billion allocation for high institutions.

The committee has also suggested that the Teachers Service Commission be given an additional Sh2.5 billion for the recruitment of 500 secondary school teachers.

A further Sh2.5 billion has been allocated to the commission for teacher professional development — CBC training.

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