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Ruto plans to move 90pc of Govt services to digital platforms as launches free Wifi

Ruto plans to 90pc of Govt services to move to digital platforms in a year as launches free Wifi in Nairobi.

President William Ruto on Thursday announced that his administration is working towards moving about 90 per cent of government services to digital platforms within a year.

Ruto stated that the digitization of government services will ensure that people can access services from the comfort of their homes while addressing at a roundtable forum for Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs).

The President claimed that by allowing citizens to access their licenses online, this measure will also assure ease of conducting business.

“We have about 15 per cent of government services in the digital platform, and we want to ensure that between six and 12 months we will have moved 90 per cent of goverment services to the digital platform,” he stated.

 Free Wifi

In a bid to to help micro and small business to digitize their operations, the government has announced plans to ensure access to free Wifi- internet and support to build essential skills for businesses on the worldwide web.

Eliud Owalo, the CS for Information, Communications, and the Digital Economy (IC-DE), urged the Small and Medium Enterprises sector to fully utilize the digital hubs that the government is establishing throughout the nation and adopt the E-commerce model while launching a free WIFI hotspot at Nairobi’s City Market.

Over the next ten years, the Kenya Kwanza Government plans to build up to 25,000 free hotspots across the nation, according to Owalo.

“There is need to develop digital business skills and to transform traditional businesses to digital enterprises,” he told traders at the City Market during the function Wednesday.

The CS said the hotspots project was part of the Kenya Kwanza Government’s promise and effort to transform Kenya into a globally competitive digital economy.

“Our vision is to create a reliable and secure high speed digital infrastructure, as the avenue for the envisaged transformation,” he said, adding that, “To achieve this, we also need to develop digital business skills and transform traditional businesses to digital enterprises.

The government intends to convert the whole country into a one giant network of digital hubs, through provisions of hotspots,” noted Owalo.

The Nairobi City Market hotspot has been up for a month in a testing mode, alongside ten other hotspots in various parts of the city of Nairobi.

The CS said that all the 11 platforms have proved to be stable and reliable. “As the Ministry of IC-DE, we are confident that we are off to a solid start,” he said.

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