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Ruto promises Nyanza residents goodies despite local leaders snubbing his event

Ruto promises Nyanza residents in Raila’s backyard goodies despite local leaders snubbing his church event.

On Sunday, President William Ruto extended his gratitude to the people of Homa Bay and the greater Nyanza region for supporting him in the August elections.

Speaking in Homa Bay Town following an African Inland Church service, Ruto declared his willingness to collaborate with all elected officials in order to improve the county.

“We will work with all the leaders so that we can transform Homa Bay. We are going to work together so that we can serve you as the people who have elected us,” he said.

He said he will work toward fulfilling the promises he made during the campaigns.

“I want to assure you that the agreement we made between the people of Homa Bay when I came here for our economic forum, that commitment, I am going to work with all elected leaders in Homa Bay and across the country so that we can transform our country on the basis we have agreed upon,” he said.

Ruto promised goodies to the Nyanza region revealing that he would commission the construction of 5,000 low-cost houses in October 2022.

“I will be back next month to lay the foundation stone for the first 400 houses and early next year, I will launch the second phase for the construction of 2,000 homes,” Ruto reiterated.

The Head of State also promised to supervise the building and repair of 200 kilometers of countywide roads, as specified in the charter agreed to at the economic forum.

“I am aware that some of the county’s road projects have come to a standstill. Please give me some time to address the economy and the budget before allowing me to execute the projects “Ruto gave comfort.

The President announced that he will work with Homa Bay Town MP George Peter Kaluma to establish a functional water and sewerage system in the constituency after learning about the poor sanitation conditions in the county.

He also vowed to distribute improved seeds of the BT cotton crop which not only produces high yields but are also disease resistant.

In addition, Ruto noted that the time for competition is over and people should move on to try to better things in the country.

He told Homa Bay residents that there was no animosity between Raila Odinga noting that there were numerous avenues they can collaborate.

“We have to move on and see the changes we can do for our country. That will be possible if we come together and understand that now we are not in competition,” he said.

Ruto’s Sunday visit to Homa Bay county was the first since his election. 

However, Homa Bay Governor Gladys Wanga and Homa Bay Town MP George Peter Kaluma failed to join Ruto for a church service.

In a statement on Sunday, Wanga said she is at the moment out of the county with Peter Kaluma saying poor communication and coordination contributed to him missing the event. 

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