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Ruto threatens to ruthlessly deal with those blocking housing levy in court

President William Ruto has vowed to use the ceremonial sword to deal with people who are determined to sabotage housing levy in courts.

Speaking in Kisii on Saturday, President Ruto in an attack on a group of people who have lodged cases against his key programmes said he will not sit down and watch them succeed in their mission.

Ruto said he would deal with the naysayers using the corridors of justice to challenge the program. 

Commenting on the Social Health Insurance Fund (SHIF), Ruto said those against it have no genuine reason to do so.

“These people are saying that those who do not have medical insurance should not be given one. They are saying that the amount being contributed should not be reduced from Sh500 to Sh300,” Ruto said.

The remarks by Ruto come days after the courts slammed the brakes on the implementation of the SHIF citing legal issues.

Justice Chacha Mwita issued conservatory orders halting the implementation.

“That in the meantime, a conservatory order is hereby issued restraining the respondents, their agents and or anyone acting on their directives from implementing and or enforcing the Social Health Insurance Act, 2023; the Primary Health Care Act, 2023 and the Digital Health Act, 2023 until February 7, 2024,” he ruled.

The President, however, said he would not allow anyone to sabotage the SHIF even as he vowed to decisively deal with them.

“They want to continue stealing money from NHIF. Do you want me to agree with them? That one is a no. I will not accept.”

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At the same time, the President said those focused on stopping the SHIF are the ones who want to stop the implementation of the Housing Programme.

“The same people have also moved to court to stop the housing programme. We are planning on how our youth can get jobs. If someone goes to court to block the construction of houses that create jobs, that is an enemy of Kenya,” Ruto said.

A three-bench High Court declared the housing levy unconstitutional, null and void, a decision that handed Ruto’s housing programme a blow.

The programme is however still active after the court issued stay orders.

But despite the legal issues raised by the court, Ruto now says he is ready to deal with all those people planning to block the two programmes.

“You gave me the powers. All these people who want to block us will face me. I will deal with them, I just need your prayer,” he said.

“Because you know I was given a big sword (during his inauguration), do you think that Sword is for chopping vegetables? Is it not for slashing these conmen? I will slash them for real.”

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