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Ruto to warn UDA MPs opposing his government agenda

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party members (MPs) against opposing President William Ruto agenda.

UDA secretary general Cleophas Malala has said the ruling party would take disciplinary action against rebel members opposing government positions. 

Malala said the party has taken a decision to ensure members holding key positions abide by the government’s decisions on key members. 

He said the party will not entertain members out to undermine the plans of President William Ruto’s government. 

“Our party leader has been working hard to salvage this country from the dungeons of economic depression, but we have members who do not understand this. They have been going in public to oppose government positions and programmes. We are going to institute an internal mechanism to deal with such members,” Malala said. 

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He pointed out that it was unprofessional for Members of Parliament to publicly oppose the position taken by the party and the president. 

“It is very unprofessional for a sitting member of parliament to go to the public to oppose UDA positions on certain matters. We shall not entertain such members of the UDA,” he added. 

Malala noted that the party has provided rebel MPs with avenues to address their grievances, including parliamentary group meetings. 

This comes after UDA MPs have increasing continued to criticize Ruto government over certain policies he’s implementing which are turning the government unpopular.

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