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Ruto vows to ensure housing levy is implemented despite court order

President Ruto determined to ensure housing levy is implemented despite court declaring it unconstitutional.

Speaking during the commencement of the Diaspora Investment Conference in Nairobi, Ruto stated that the levy will be implemented in whatever way it takes.

Ruto said he is certain and determined in making sure he goes ahead with the plan since implementation has been the main issue.

He further said that if certain countries were able to carry out and implement the plan then Kenya too could.

“I am telling you this time round, I am implementing it, and I am so determined because we must do it. Korea did it, Singapore did it, Malaysia did it, and that is why they are ahead of us,” Ruto noted. 

“We know what we must do but we cannot gather the courage to do it but this time round, whatever it takes we are going to implement it.”

While addressing the critical issues interfering with the collection of the Housing Levy, Ruto took a swipe at the Azimio La Umoja over their constant criticism on the matter.

The President accused Azimio coalition of leading campaigns against the levy despite making similar recommendations in their 2022 pre-elections manifesto.

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“This housing project was on the manifesto of Kenya Kwanza. The housing project, complete with percentages of the levy, was also in the Azimio manifesto, but when it comes to the implementation, that is where the devil lives,” the head of state denoted.

“Nobody wanted this implemented but we all want to talk about it.”

President Ruto also called on the members of the diaspora to help in making contributions to aid in the establishment of affordable housing, further stating that the initiative would help offer jobs to millions of jobless Kenyans.

“When some people say we must get rid of housing fund, many people step forward and say, look, for the first time we have jobs, for the first time we can feed our families, for the first time we have an opportunity to own a house,” Ruto noted.

However, the High Court stopped the implementation of Housing Levy terming it unconstitutional.

The court ruled that the tax was discriminating as it targets only Kenyans employed while excluding those in the informal sector.

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