June 20, 2024

Ruto’s security advisor bodyguards open fire on armed gunman after ambush

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Ruto's security advisor bodyguards open fire on armed gunman after ambush

Bodyguards attached to Monica Juma, Ruto's security advisor open fire on a gunman believed to be a foreigner after an ambush

Bodyguards attached to Monica Juma, Ruto’s security advisor open fire on a gunman believed to be a foreigner after an ambush.

The identity of the two police officers who were ambushed by a gunman on Saturday night while traveling along the Mwingi-Garissa Highway have now been revealed.

According to reports, the two policemen are the aids of Monica Juma, a former Defense Cabinet Secretary and adviser to President William Ruto. 

Reports indicate that a lone gunman believed to be a foreigner, attacked the two officers and robbed them at gunpoint.

However, things took a turn for the worse when the gunman fired three shots as he was leaving the scene, forcing the bodyguards to open fire, killing him on the spot.

The two bodyguards were heading to Juma’s rural home.

The revelation comes after earlier reports that the attacker hid near the Mathiakani Bridge in Mwingi and targeted motorists along the highway when he stopped the Prado. 

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A report filed at Nguni Police Station and obtained by our writer indicated that 1 corporal was robbed of Ksh2,000. 

“The lone robber fired 3 rounds prompting the officers to return fire which eventually fatally injured the robber. In the process, the said motor vehicle was hit twice in the rear,” read the police report.

A search on the assailant recovered money in Somali Currency, an AK-47 loaded with 23 bullets, and an additional 38 bullets.

Other items recovered were 2 pairs of shoes, Sufuria with foodstuff, a knife, a solar panel, scissors, and a pen.

The police statement also indicated that in his night escapade, the attacker attempted to rob a man driving a water bowser.

The gunman had signaled the water bowser driver to stop but he declined, choosing to accelerate towards Nguni.

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