June 20, 2024

No El Nino, Kenya MET Department downscales alert to ‘significant’ rains

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No El Nino, Kenya MET Department downscales alert to 'significant' rains

Kenya MET Department downscales its El Nino alert saying the country will only experience 'significant' rains

Kenya MET Department downscales its El Nino alert saying the country will only experience ‘significant’ rains.

The Kenya Meteorological Department’s early prediction of El Nino rains would not occur in the country, according to President William Ruto.

The president at a church service in Dagoretti on Sunday stated that the MET department has instead scaled it down to short rains which is beneficial for the nation’s agricultural sector.

In order to strengthen the nation’s food basket, Ruto stated, this will enable farmers to produce more.

“You see the department has now said there will be no El-Nino, we will only have significant rains, which is even better for us to get to our farms and produce more,” Ruto said.

The weathercaster initially stated that El Nino would occur in the country from mid-October to mid-December, before clarifying that the rains would be significant, but not El Nino. 

In addition, President Ruto stated that the country’s prolonged rains in February, which enabled farmers to produce more for the nation, were a result of the prayers he led at the Nyayo National Stadium.

“There are those who criticized us when we prayed for rains at Nyayo stadium. They said a whole president is praying for rain. Now see, we have more rains than we have had in four years, that is God’s doing,” Ruto said. 

The president also vowed to ensure that his government puts in more resources and effort in agriculture and food production, to ensure that the country’s food security is guaranteed.

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The MET Department had in its alert in early October predicted most parts of the country to experience above-average rainfall in the next three months.

With the exception of the Highlands West of the Rift Valley, the Lake Victoria Basin, and Central, and Southern Rift Valley, where rainfall was anticipated to continue from September, several regions of the country were expecting the rains to begin between the second and third week of October.

The Lake Victoria Basin, the Central and portions of the South Rift Valley, the Highlands West of the Rift Valley, the Coast, North-eastern Kenya, and the majority of the South-eastern lowlands were likely to experience rainfall above average in October and not EL Nino as earlier predicted.

The Northwestern parts of the country, the Southeastern lowlands (Kajiado), and the Southern Rift Valley (parts of Narok) likely to receive near-average rainfall.

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