June 20, 2024

Raila sets condition for signing final bipartisan report 

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Raila sets condition for signing final bipartisan report

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Raila Odinga says the cost of living must be included in the final bipartisan talks report for him to sign the document.

Azimio leader Raila Odinga on Sunday declared on Sunday that he would not sign the final Bipartisan Talks report if it did not include a concrete plan to address the growing expense of living at the top of its agenda.

Speaking in Kajiado County, the opposition leader criticized the government for the ceasefire talks’ sluggish progress, claiming that the Kenya Kwanza side is dishonest, particularly as it has refused to acknowledge all of the opposition’s points of contention in the agenda.

“No signing of the bipartisan committee report if it doesn’t have a provision for the reduction of the cost of living,” Raila stated in a statement.

”We are holding talks with the government but the first issue must be the cost of living that should come down,” said Raila.

In addition, Raila stated that servers should be opened and the 2022 presidential election results scrutinized.

He also criticized the government’s new formula for issuing scholarships saying the process is flawed and does not treat Kenyan learners equally.

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While making a stopover in Kitengela Town, Raila further slammed the current government’s tax appetite saying his coalition will not relent from holding the government accountable.

Leaders of Azimio alternatedly denounced the government the Mavoko demolitions, which have made headlines around the country for the past two weeks.

Raila asked the government to consider the livelihoods of the people affected by the demolitions.

The opposition further questioned Parliament’s independence stating that the executive has been swaying the National Assembly’s decisions.

”The MPs are receiving pay but not delivering on their mandate. A bill comes from the statehouse and is passed in the house without even discussions,” he stated.

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