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The List of Top Best Insurance Companies In Kenya

Insurance companies are necessary to safeguard oneself and loved ones from financial stress brought on by life’s difficulties.

However, deciding which one is best can be challenging. 

Insurance companies can assist with financial support and security when these types of occurrences occur, whether it be a health condition, an accident, vacation, or an unexpected loss.

According to the Insurance Regulatory Authority, the Kenyan market will include around 50 insurance companies by 2021, offering a variety of products and services.

Based on your demands and profile, below are the top best insurance companies in Kenya to be aware of.

Jubilee Insurance Kenya

It is the most suitable insurance for businesses/ corporates and employees.

Individuals and corporations can benefit from Jubilee Holding Ltd’s services.

Its insurance solutions are aimed at providing corporates and employees with low-cost, high-quality plans.

Jubilee has established itself as one of Kenya’s major insurance providers, with over 450,000 clients and operations in Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi.

Address location: Jubilee Insurance House, Wabera Street, CBD, Nairobi, Kenya


Britam is the best life insurance company in Kenya.

Britam is the best and most flexible life insurance provider in Kenya.

Britam, or the British-American Insurance Company, is a top-tier financial institution based in Kenya that provides cutting-edge insurance services.

The Afya Tele, for example, is a health microinsurance plan for SMEs and groups of ten or more people.

In addition, the company was honored with the Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) prize in 2019. In addition, the Association of Kenya Insurance (AKI)Agents named Britam the best life insurance firm in 2019.

CIC Insurance General

Best home insurance provider

It’s ideal for hazards like fire, robbery, terror attack, explosion, or anything else that could result in property damage.

Accidental injury is also protected for third-party obligations and domestic employees.

CIC General Insurance is a well-known insurance and financial services company in Kenya. Thousands of consumers have been satisfied by the insurance company, which has been in operation for nearly three decades. CIC is now one of Kenya’s leading house insurance firms.

AAR Insurance

Its the best medical insurance company.

One of Kenya’s oldest and most reputed insurance businesses is AAR Insurance.

It first set up shop in the country in 1984.

Its initial business concept was to fly and drive accident victims to safety.

AAR, on the other hand, has gradually expanded its product offers to its customers. Individuals and businesses who purchase an AAR health insurance coverage are covered for chronic and congenital diseases, as well as maternity and mental treatment consultations and treatments.


Kenya’s best insurance corporation for children’s education

A successful kid education is one of the most important goals for each parent.

Madison, a Kenyan insurance company formed in 1988, will help you achieve this goal.

It has a program called the Bima ya Karo Educational Plan.

It’s a fantastic insurance option for parents who wish to put money aside for their kids’ education.

First Assurance

Kenya’s best marine freight insurance

First Assurance Company was originally known as Prudential Assurance Company, but when it became a wholly-owned Kenyan company in January 1991, it changed its name to First Assurance Company Limited.

One of the most comprehensive insurance packages for the marine industry is offered by the organization. Marine insurance protects ships, cargo, and any valuable products from the point of origin to their final destination.

You must safeguard the safety of vital goods when transporting it by water, air, or land. That’s where First Assurance comes in handy.

It safeguards goods in transit from loss or damage from the first loading zone to their final destination.

Resolution Kenya

The best travel insurance provider

Founded in 2002, the company now offers one of the best travel insurance policies with a unique approach.

The peace of mind provided by its travel insurance coverage will be appreciated by everyone going internationally. It not only covers unexpected expenses, but also provides practical assistance while you’re gone – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Resolution Insurance is also one of the few insurers in Kenya that allows customers to pay premiums in monthly installments at their leisure.

It is one of Kenya’s best insurance firms.

Kenya Alliance Insurance

Kenya’s best vehicle insurance business

Kenyan Alliance Insurance began operations in 1979 with the goal of taking over the Sun Alliance group’s operations.

As a member of the Association of Kenya Insurers, the company has grown into one of Kenya’s largest insurance businesses.

With a total asset base of Ksh. 6.8 billion and a paid-up capital of Ksh. 700 million.

The firm now offers one of Kenya’s best motor vehicle insurance policies.

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