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Waiguru wooes Bill Gates to fund key projects the Kenyan Counties

Waiguru wooes the American billionnaire Bill Gates to fund key projects the 47 Kenyan Counties.

On November 17, Governor Anne Waiguru of Kirinyaga appealed to the Bill Gates Foundation for assistance in enhancing Kenyans’ access to healthcare.

Waiguru remarked that the county chiefs were committed to putting the Universal Health Coverage plan into action during a meeting between the Council of Governors and the Bill Gates Foundation.

However, she urged assistance in the initiatives to guarantee that the strategy helps individuals at the county level.

Waiguru remarked that greater upscaling of health services to the community would aid in decreasing health concerns while underlining the successes gained in the health sector since the advent of devolution.

Waiguru also highlighted teenage pregnancies as a major concern for governors and asked for collaboration from the Bill Gates Foundation to ensure that the affected teenagers get a chance to resume their studies. 

“She asked for support in advocacy programs on Reproductive Health in order to reduce adolescent and teenage pregnancy as well as support in the establishment of child day-care homes where young mothers can leave their children as they seek education,” read a statement from the Council of Governors.

The Governor also mentioned the capacity-building of traditional birth attendants, community health volunteers, and through technologies like point-of-care ultrasonography and the application of artificial intelligence.

The CoG Chairperson also urged cooperation in efforts to support agriculture in all counties.

In order to achieve the goal of mechanizing agriculture and improving the use of technology in production, Waiguru claimed that governors were willing to invest Ksh35 billion.

Waiguru requested assistance from the Bill Gates Foundation in the process of fully automating county government functions like tax collection and urban planning.

The meeting was part of Bill Gates’s tour in Kenya. He arrived in the country on Tuesday, November 15 for a one-week visit. 

The American business magnate met President William Ruto and they agreed to partner in the development of various sectors. 

The co-chair of the Bill Gates Foundation also visited to Makueni County, where he spoke with governor Mutula Kilonzo.

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