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‘We’ll remove the Israeli Embassy and arm Hamas’, Julius Malema

Julius Malema pledges support for Hamas calling on consumers to boycott products from Israeli.

Leader of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema has pledged to support Hamas, the governing body of the Gaza Strip, in their struggle against what he perceives as Israeli oppression. 

Malema made this statement during a gathering outside the Israeli Embassy in Tshwane, underlining his party’s unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Malema’s words were explicit: “We are here to do a simple task, to tell Israel and the world to know that we are on the side of Palestine. We are not neutral, neutrality during difficult times is equal to selling out. 

Comrades, what type of government do we have in Israel that goes and bombs a hospital? There is nothing wrong Hamas did when you are oppressed, the only option you have is to fight. The EFF when it takes over next year, it is going to arm Hamas and make sure Hamas has got the necessary equipment to fight for their freedom.”

Malema further urged consumers to refrain from purchasing or consuming products imported from Israel as a pledge of solidarity with Palestine.

He encouraged people to go as far as discarding the products they had already purchased, emphasizing that not even dogs deserve to consume these products.

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As the conflict between Israel and Gaza entered its 17th day on Monday, it was reported that over 5,000 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza, while more than 1 400 people have died following Hamas attacks on Israel.

The Israel-Palestine conflict, deeply rooted in historical, political, and religious factors, has been a contentious and sensitive topic for over a century. 

It has witnessed a series of key events, including the Balfour Declaration in 1917, the 1947 United Nations partition plan, and the subsequent Arab-Israeli war that led to the creation of Israel.

The situation remains marked by shifting borders, sporadic violence, and diplomatic efforts to resolve the conflict. 

The Gaza Strip, governed by Hamas since 2007, has been a focal point of contention, with some nations designating the organization as a terrorist group.

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