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Raila tells Kenyans to boycott Ruto’s new taxes 

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has told Kenyans not to pay the new taxes introduced by Ruto’s regime after the deployment of KRA compliance officers.

Speaking during his Kitengela tour in Kajiando County, Raila said that Kenyans were starving due to the everyday increment of taxes. 

The ODM leader has continuously criticized Ruto’s leadership since the 2022 election and has led protests multiple times, citing onerous taxes as justification. 

In addition, the Azimio leader slammed a recent decision by KRA to send tax compliance officers with paramilitary training to every doorstep to smoke out tax cheats. 

“If the KRA people come to your homes demanding taxes, kick them out and tell them there’s no money. Let them go collect taxes from Ruto,” Raila said during his Kitengela tour. 

Raila called for the government to reduce fuel taxes from the current VAT of 16% to 8% and reinstate all the subsidies on fuel and food products. 

He stressed that the cost of living, among other key issues, must be addressed at the National Dialogue Committee. 

“The cost of living must be lowered and electoral justice granted. It’s crucial that all Kenyans are treated equally. When it comes to job opportunities, all youth should be given a chance, regardless of their tribal background,” he said. 

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Regarding university fees, Raila shared his displeasure, citing the increase to KSh 52,000 per semester. 

The ODM leader said all students must be given scholarships. During his campaigns, Raila assured free education from primary to university. 

“We had planned to give scholarships to all students. We had in mind to offer free education to all learners across the country and at all levels, Ruto has raised taxes in everything,” he continued. 

The opposition leader also noted that his plans for healthcare were more efficient and achievable compared to Ruto’s approach. 

“We talked about healthcare and said that Babacare is far better than Rutocare. This is just a way of collecting taxes from the citizens.” 

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