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Alleged plot to make Rigatha Gachagua irrelevant in Ruto’s government

An alleged plot to make Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua irrelevant in Ruto’s government unearthed.

Ngunjiri Wambugu, a former member of parliament for Nyeri Town, claimed that the Kenya Kwanza government had a carefully orchestrated plot to render Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua irrelevant.

An ally of former President Uhuru Kenyatta, Wambugu, provided examples of Gachagua falling for the plot to portray him as a joker in a statement dated October 5.

The former lawmaker contended that the DP was unfairly maligned by the media for focusing on his divisive comments.

Wambugu complained of the recent statements by the Central Bank of Kenyan (CBK) correcting Rigathi Gachagua for sentiments he made during a Citizen Tv interview on October 2, would undermine his office in the long run.

He questioned why the media was being used by government officials to address the second in command.

“Let’s be honest, the man from my home county is neither the worst-dressed politician around, nor is he a political buffoon. But we have cartoons and memes of him as such. 

“He also says a lot of sensible stuff in between his earthy humour and jokes. But somehow, the media tends to only carry those stories that make us laugh at him,” he stated.

“Gradually we will get to a point where his public image will be of a political joker who’s out of his depth as DP.

“In a couple of months no one will take him or what he says seriously. Ultimately this will completely undermine his office and his role as DP. To what end, especially considering in this government the two leaders are working well together?” he wondered.

Nevertheless, Ngunjiri Wambugu warned Gachagua to be cautious as he expressed that the DP was falling for the scheme.

Gachagua has been in the spotlight in recent weeks for his controversial remarks made at various functions. 

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