June 20, 2024

Atwoli praises President Ruto as ‘a true democrat’

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Atwoli praises President Ruto as 'a true democrat'

COTU boss Francis Atwoli continues his support of Ruto as he heaps praise on the President as 'a true democrat'

COTU boss Francis Atwoli continues his support of Ruto as he heaps praise on the President as ‘a true democrat’.

Speaking on Tuesday during the 5th Congress of the International Confederation of Trade Unions Africa (ITUC-Africa) in Nairobi, Atwoli reminisced on his past hostility towards the President and his present relatively calm stance.

“For so many years, I have been one of your (Ruto’s) greatest critics, who, before your election, I criticized you on every proposal you made to the electorate,” he said.

“But as a true democrat after your election, you said, ‘You guys, come around, let’s sit down’ and we agreed to work together and promote workers and Kenyans’ interests at large. That is a true reflection of a true democratic leader.”

The praise by Atwoli comes after he recently landed a government job as a member of the Social Health Authority on a three-year term among other positions he has been appointed to.

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The outspoken COTU boss in the lead-up to the hotly-contested 2022 presidential poll was very vocal about his support for Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party frontman Raila Odinga, and his opposition to Ruto’s candidature.

However, following Ruto’s victory Atwoli changed tune and he now supports President Ruto’s policies.

Atwoli has now been calling on Kenyans to embrace President Ruto’s leadership in addition to encouraging other Western Kenya leaders to bury their grievances and work with the Kenya Kwanza government.

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