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Babu Owino opens up struggling with drug use; hard liquor, cocaine

Embakasi East Member MP Babu Owino recounts his journey to becoming sober after a long time of drug abuse such as bhang and cocaine.

Babu Owino has revealed that he abused hard liquor, cocaine, and traditional brews but has since remained sober, focusing on his political career and helping his constituents. 

According to Babu, all of that turbulent past was a part of his childhood. Today, he is a changed national figure who aspires to improve the lives of the people who support him, something he believes many other leaders have failed to do.   

“The moment you are in your youth, you are very energetic, you want to explore and experience the adventure. I don’t regret having been in that life because now it has made me wiser and makes me know it’s not good to be involved in such a lifestyle,” he detailed.

“I used to drink alcohol, chew miraa, use cocaine, smoke bhang, drink Chang’aa, drink busaa, Muratina all these things.”

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Babu Owino claims that in January 2020, he gave up narcotics. He says that he realized he had reached his breaking point since the lifestyle had become too much for him.

It so happened that he made the choice right after getting embroiled in a gun controversy at a Nairobi nightclub.

“Having done all this, I knew the juice was not worth all the squeeze. I was just a fan at that moment. It was a decision that I made that enough is enough. From January 2020 to date, I have never drunk alcohol nor touched any hard drugs for that matter,” Owino noted.

“Everything is in the state of mind. The moment you decide to do something, you will do it. The moment I decided to stop drug and substance abuse, my conviction was clear.”

The lawmaker said the reason for him to share his drug-tainted past was to inspire the youth and prove to them that their future is not determined by their past.

Babu Owino has risen through the political ranks to become one of the most outspoken members of the Kenyan parliament.

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