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Babu Owino takes on IG Koome over police welfare

Babu Owino accusses police IG Koome not taking care of the law enforcers’ welfare after meager salary increment.

The National Police Service (NPS) leadership, according to Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, is not looking out for the wellbeing of law enforcement personnel. 

The lawmaker complained that Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome was  taking his juniors for a ride with a meager salary increment.

Babu observed that the police were being fleeced by the system that had blinded them with a negligible upward review of their salaries.

He questioned the reasoning behind giving an officer a KSh 1,000 raise and then deducting KSh 2,000 for PAYE.

“Police were added only KSh 1,000 to their salaries. They then deduct KSh 2,000 inform of PAYE. Honestly speaking, which country are we in? You cannot spend what you don’t have. Why add KSh 1,000 to our officers and then deduct KSh 2,000? Why would you con the officers?” said Babu.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino wants police added a minimum of KSh 20,000 to their salaries.

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The lawmaker petitioned the Police IG and the National Service Police Service Commission to sanction a reasonable salary review for law enforcement agents.

“To Koome, stop duping our police officers, add them money. Even those who killed our people, you can’t them only KSh 1,000. A minimum of KSh 20,000 is what they need. They have so many needs that they are taking care of,” said Babu.

In the salary review actualised in August this year, a recruited constable police officer would earn KSh 21,645 as monthly pay.

A long-serving constable who previously earned KSh 38,975 would receive KSh 40,354, with a new corporal officer receiving KSh 27,879 from the previous KSh 26,500.

A promoted sergeant officer would earn KSh 38,829 from KSh 36,450.

A long-serving sergeant would earn KSh 55,049 from KSh 53, 570.

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