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Bomet bride breaks silence after canceling wedding last minute

Nelly, the bride in cancelled wedding says she had not abandoned her fiance, Amos, committing to tie the knot with him no later than February 2024.

The prospective bride in a Bomet wedding has excused herself following the last-minute cancellation of the ceremony.

On Saturday, December 9, Nelly Chepkoech, who was supposed to marry her fiancé Amos, found herself at the center of a scandal involving a canceled wedding. 

Nelly was implicated in the turn of events that offered Kenyan internet users material for rumors, with some sources asserting that she was the one who requested the cancellation after seeing her ex-fiance again.

However, setting the record straight, the 23-year-old said she was equally shocked by how things panned out.

Nelly clarified that she had not run away as assumed by Kenyans.

The bride added that she was in the house with her parents and other family members. 

She asked Kenyans to stop castigating her without knowing the whole story.

The lady also explained that the wedding was just postponed not canceled asking for time to clear some matters with the groom.

“Yesterday we were told that the wedding cannot continue because of the delay of some letters but we were waiting for the day like never before,” she remarked.

She clarified that the postponement was on the part of the church whose clerics advised the rearrangement of the ceremony.

Additionally, she revealed that when the wedding plans were cut short, the whole family was heartbroken.

“We were supposed to celebrate a wedding in Kapsoyo. We had diligently planned this occasion for two months, pooling funds in a WhatsApp group to cover the expenses. Unfortunately, the reverend advised us to postpone the event, and we did not know what to do. Both of us shed tears,” she said.

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On claims she had taken off from her man, Nelly dispelled the talk saying she was at home waiting for what would unfold next.

She expressed her optimism that she would ultimately solemnise her union with no other man but Amos.

“I have heard what has been said. I am still at home, I have not disappeared. We are waiting for the day we will be called, and I am ready for the day,” she said.

On his part, Nelly’s father said they were waiting for the event, castigating Kenyan social media users who had jumped to bogus conclusions.

“All the same I trust God that this event is going to continue in the near future. Some people have commented that my daughter deserted the wedding venue and home. My daughter is at home,” he said.

Nelly called on their partners to continue with their support ahead of the day.

“Despite this, the wedding has not been cancelled, and we hold a permit until February. We anticipate a call starting Monday to resume the process,” she said.

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