June 14, 2024

Governor James Nyoro condemn Ruto over remarks about Uhuru as Kiambu residents take to the streets

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Governor James Nyoro has condemned Deputy President William Ruto and Kenya Kwanza leaders for assaults on President Uhuru Kenyatta at a Thika gathering.

Nyoro claimed that Ruto’s adherents had ignored Uhuru and undermined his office, which he believes should be respected despite the political tensions in the country leading up to the August 9 general elections.

On Monday, people of Kiambu County organized demonstrations in various sections of the county, including Kiambu, Thika, Kikuyu, and Githurai.

Nyoro said that he is demanding an apology from the conveners of the meeting that had been conveyed by the DP on Sunday, adding that the agenda was not explicit but ended up as a forum for hurling insults at the president.

“I want to record my utter dismay at the blatant disregard for protocol and complete disrespect for the Head of State, the people of Kiambu and Kenya at large by politicians who addressed the meeting,” he said.

“Consequently, we record our unequivocal displeasure at the happenings at the meeting and demand that those who insulted the president come out publicly to apologize to him and the people of Kenya.”

Former Governor William Kabogo, Senator Kimani Wamatangi, Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria, Thika MP Jungle Wainaina, Kiambu Speaker Stephen Ndicho, and former Governor Ferdinand Waititu were among those who came and spoke at the gathering.

He said that while Kiambu has no problem with anyone coming to the county to recruit members, sell their agenda, strategies or do anything that relates to popularizing their parties, the meeting was specifically aimed at undermining Uhuru.

“The main agenda was to hurl insults at the president at his backyard and some of the statements were also meant to demean members of the President’s family. Unfortunately, this unbecoming agenda was driven by politicians who hail from Kiambu and others who purport to come from the county,” he said.

He said the people of Kiambu are very disturbed by the offensive statements made, and while one may not like the president as a person, he remains the president of the Republic of Kenya.

“Everyone must respect him, and if they have any issue with him, there are forums where these issues can be raised with decorum. I would request our people to disregard the statements,” he said.

Most of the leaders, including the governor aspirants, allegedly condemned the president for not showing ‘leadership’ and taking sides to support ODM leader Raila Odinga to succeed him.

Nyoro said the leaders are trying to redeem themselves after the people rejected them over poor leadership.

“Any meeting meant to demean and/or insult the president or any other elected leader shall not be allowed to take place in Kiambu,” Nyoro vowed.

He said that the fallen governors and the aspiring ones attended the meeting to try and redeem themselves by nit-picking at Uhuru’s leadership.

He added that none of the leaders could fit in the shoes to replace him as Mt. Kenya as the spokesperson.

“They can’t tell us who is in a position to replace him (Uhuru) as the spokesman of the mountain. These people must be told that the people of the mountain are intelligent enough to choose their leaders,” he said.

Governor James Nyoro urged leaders to talk about their development track records and what they have done or intend to do for Kenyans if elected.“Let’s seek votes in humility and not arrogance and empty swagger,” said Nyoro.

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