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Governor Ndeti weeps, slams Ruto over Athi River homes demolitions

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti gets emotional as the government flattens homes in Athi River following Ruto order.

Governor Wavinya Ndeti has condemned the national government for embarking on demolitions in Athi River despite their being engagements over the matter between the two tiers of administration.

Addressing the media, Ndeti registered her frustration accusing the government of rushing the demolition exercise.

The Governor accused the President of betrayal saying she had held a conversation with him earlier in the day and he promised to stop the demolitions.

According to Wavinya, the President has neglected the downtrodden people he vowed to defend during his campaigns.

Almost in tears, she wondered why there would be the urgency to bring the buildings and installations down when she was still engaging the president on the matter.

“It is partially disappointing that the process was unnecessarily rushed despite the fact that there were ongoing high-level discussions between the President and I on the matter,” she said.

“Kama ni kwako mweshimiwa Ruto ungekubali hiyo ifanyike. We cannot allow that. We cannot allow you to bring down churches,” Wavinya said amid tears.

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“I want to tell His Excellency, that you were talking about bottoms up, you talked about caring about people who are down here. What is happening is that the same people ndo unawaumiza. Why are you doing that?”

The governor’s emotional address came after bulldozers descended on dozens of homes on Friday at ‘Aimi ma Lukenya’ settlement scheme in Mavoko Constituency and demolished them in the full glare of owners.

Houses, churches, and mosques were brought down under the watch of General Service Unit (GSU) officers leaving thousands of people homeless.

The land in question belongs to the East Africa Portland Cement, as ruled by a court in Machakos.

The court said the squatters were illegally occupying the over 4,000-acre tract.

President William Ruto had also ordered the eviction of the occupants, saying part of the land would be used in the expansion of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ).

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