May 24, 2024

Haiti organisations write to AU over Kenya’s deployment mission

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Haiti organisations wtrites to AU over Kenya's deployment mission

The organisations terms Kenya's police deployment in Haiti as 'suspicious political adventure'

The organisations terms Kenya’s police deployment in Haiti as ‘suspicious political adventure’

Following the recent news of Kenya’s commitment to support peace and security in the Caribbean nation, at least 65 organizations in Haiti have written to the African Union questioning the motive behind deployment. 

According to the letter, dated August 10, 2023 and published by Rezo Ndwès (one of Haiti’s news websites), Kenya swiftly consented to participate in the operation, which the organizations have collectively dubbed a “suspicious political adventure.”

“None of the countries of the land of our ancestors (Africa) must serve as a sounding board or armed arm of the former colonial, slave-owning powers, transformed into imperialist powers and today actively engaged in a criminal project of destabilisation of ‘Haiti, systematic sabotage of its sovereignty of which the American-UN occupation constitutes a dangerous step’,” part of the letter read. 

“Has the Kenyan government asked itself why Canada and other countries have, in fact, refused, despite pressure or advantages offered, to engage in this dubious enterprise?”

Furthermore, the letter claims that inviting Kenya’s leaders is unpermissible under this circumstance and totaly at odds with what is proclaimed in the AU charter. 

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“It is your duty to find the most effective strategy to explain to the leaders of this brother country that such a choice is likely to encourage, to reinforce in Haiti the already unacceptable interference of imperialist powers including the United States of America. America especially,” the letter continued. 

The organisations now want the AU to convince Kenya not to let itself be drawn into the matters of Haiti. 

“Did the Kenyan government take the necessary time, like other countries already contacted in this regard, to reflect on the political significance and disastrous consequences of such a completely suspect adventure?” 

The group also urged the AU to maintain the firm ‘regrettable’ decision of Kenya to persist in getting involved in the peace mission, saying the process is undermining Haiti’s national sovereignty. 

Kenya is set to send 1000 police officers to Haiti to assist in peace and security building. 

Meanwhile, US government has offered to support Kenya’s mission in Haiti with $100 million (Sh14.7 billion).

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