May 20, 2024

How US trusts Ruto; Whitman’s letter reveals

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US Ambassador Meg Whitman's letter reveals President Joe Biden's trust in the Ruto administration

US Ambassador Meg Whitman’s letter reveals President Joe Biden’s trust in the Ruto administration. 

Whitman expressed support for Ruto and his plans to revamp Kenya’s economy in a letter dated February 6 that was sent to Biden’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa.

The wealthy diplomat sent an invitation to the chair of the council to attend the American Chamber of Commerce Regional Business Conference in Nairobi on May 29–30 through the paper.

Whitman was open about the reality on the ground, according to US strategists, despite the fact that the US has expanded its operations in Kenya since Ruto assumed the presidency.

 Ambassador Meg Whitman praised Ruto for being a capable leader with a clear strategy for turning his country into a regional economic powerhouse.

“The New President, William Ruto, is very strong. He is smart, strategic, and gets things done. He is hands-on and easy to work with.

“He understands that economic growth and development is the way forward and has set a vision for accelerating Kenya’s drive to achieve upper middle-income country status by 2030,” the letter read in part.

Whitman added that Ruto appointed a strong Cabinet and was undertaking reforms to continue improving the country’s business environment. 

However, her statement is contrary to the opposition, with Raila and his allies accusing Ruto of appointing leaders with questionable integrity.

A few days after the cabinet was sworn in, the Director of Public Prosecution, Noordin Haji, dismissed the graft cases that several appointees had to contend with in court.

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Whitman noted the establishment of multiple multinational corporations as evidence of Ruto’s desire to cooperate with the US in the wake of the development of the silicon savannah and the country’s workforce.

“The Kenyan people are its biggest asset. They are educated, English-speaking, hardworking, cost-effective, and exhibit a very low turnover rate,” Whitman wrote.

She added that the country boasts technological innovation to facilitate business and mobile money. 

In addition, the country has a diverse manufacturing industry. Kenya was a country worth investing in with its widespread infrastructure, including a vast road network, and stable electricity supply. 

In her perspective, Ruto is a peace broker, citing Kenya’s involvement in peace processes in neighbouring Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, efforts that were also coordinated, in part, by former President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

Whitman invited the council’s chair to attend the American Chamber of Commerce Regional Business Summit in Nairobi from May 29-30. 

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