May 20, 2024

“I regret campaigning and voting for Ruto,” UDA MP (VIDEO)

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"I regret campaigning and voting for Ruto," UDA MP

UDA MP of the Kapenguria constituency, Samuel Moroto asks for forgiveness as he regrets voting for President William Ruto

UDA MP of the Kapenguria constituency, Samuel Moroto asks for forgiveness as he regrets voting for President William Ruto.

Kapenguria Member of Parliament Samuel Moroto on Tuesday apologized for supporting the President Ruto administration. 

The UDA MP also said that the choice would prevent him from joining the biblical paradise and pleaded with God for forgiveness.

Moroto was bemoaning over the lack of action from the authorities in suppressing the confrontations that claimed four lives in his area. 

The MP claimed that the Ruto administration had fallen far short of its promises, particularly with regard to resolving disputes and the pervasive insecurity in the North Rift region.

“The lower part of the region, it is the govt that is triggering conflict and not any other government. It is this government. And am also a member of the UDA, and I regret why I chose it, and it may even cost me a place in heaven, I pray for forgiveness from God,” the MP complained. 

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According to the parliamentarian, among those killed following the Monday attack was a student who had just completed his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

During the Monday attack, a standoff ensued between bandits and residents of the Sarmach area on the West Pokot-Turkana border that left six people dead. 

In addition, 16 other people were left nursing injuries following the attack.

The aggrieved leader further pointed an accusing finger at the Kenya Defence Forces officers deployed in the area. 

“They’re using the equipment they have been given to finish off people who are innocent. I as the area MP have tried so much, including with the area elders, and the churches,” the MP said.

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