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IEBC rotten to the core! Raphael Tuju calls IEBC commissioners auctioneers as he responds to Chebukati’s claims

Raphael Tuju calls IEBC commissioners auctioneers as he responds to Chebukati’s claims he wanted to alter presidential results in favour of Raila Odinga.

Raphael Tuju, the executive director of Azimio, has detailed what happened at a meeting with Wafula Chebukati, on Sunday, August 28, a meeting IEBC chair claimed was intent to alter presidential tally.

In a press briefing on Sunday, August 18, Tuju highlighted that his main agenda of the meeting was to convey pressing issues after one of the IEBC commissioners intimated to him a situation whereby Forms 34A were being replaced at a secret location. 

Tuju noted that he took the matter to commissioner Abdi Guliye who directed him to the National Returning Officer (NRO). 

After several attempts to get hold of Chebukati, Tuju claimed that he managed to have a sit-down with the chairperson on a particular night.

Tuju revealed that he only presented the pressing issues that he had brought forth, contrary to Chebukati’s affidavit which alleged that Tuju had beseeched him to either declare Azimio’s Raila Odinga as the president-elect or force a run-off.  

“My attention has been drawn to the affidavit of Chebukati and Guliye in respect to the proceedings which took place at the Bomas of Kenya. 

“I’m drawn to the Supreme Court case which is ongoing. I would like to admit that I was at Bomas of Kenya on several occasions. For the 3am meeting, I’d like to correct them a little bit because it seems they have selective amnesia. It was at 4am. I did try, on several occasions, to get an audience with IEBC commissioners and in particular Chebukati. This is because Guliye wasn’t able to handle the concerns I had raised with him,” stated the Azimio Executive Director.

“One of the IEBC commissioners informed me that some of the Forms 34A were being brought down and were being replaced by other Forms 34A. He was not able to know the exact location from which it was happening. I reported (the matter) to the DCI who dispatched officers to discuss with the commissioner.

“One of the seniors confirmed to me that they had received the reports and there was nothing they could do unless I talked to Chebukati,” he added.

“I had concerns because he was closed in that room with Boya Molu and Hussein Marjan and, therefore, it was obvious that something opaque was happening. I worked my way in and found him with the two other officials. I brought up the matter and he informed me that he was busy with the Returning Officers and told him to see him later. I came back at 8pm, 12am, and 2am where he was sleeping. 

“I agreed with the people there that let him have some sleep as he had not rested over a couple of days. I waited until 4.00am. I drew the attention to Amos Wako and a few personal friends, that we should go and confront him,” he stated. 

Raphael Tuju called IEBC commissioners auctioneers demanding Chebukati to make public another meeting they held together at a secret location in Karen.

Mr Tuju also said it was Mr Chebukati who orchestrated their secret meeting.

“For the Chairperson to claim that I made some offers to him is a petty lie. I want Chebukati to explain to Kenyans when he came to a secret location to meet with me and what that discussion was about.”

Tuju also wants IEBC’s Abdi Guliye and Molu to explain what they came to do in his house, promising to avail CCTV cameras.

“I want Prof. Guliye to explain to Kenyans what they came to do in my house and what the discussion was about. The drift of that discussion was more of auctioneers rather than Commissioners” Tuju said.

During the run-up to the election, Tuju added, Prof Guliye had sent two emissaries to meet him.

Tuju also questioned the purpose of the meeting between Chebukati and United Democratic Alliance (UDA) officials minutes after they left the office. 

“As we left the room, UDA officials, outgoing Turkana governor, Josphat Nanok, and the party’s Secretary General, Veronica Maina, were at the door waiting for us to leave so they could get in.

“Just as he wants to tell Kenyans about the discussions, he should be honest to reveal what he discussed with Nanok and Maina,” he pointed out. 

Tuju’s press conference comes amid claims from Chebukati that a Tuju-led delegation tried to persuade him to skew the results in favor of one of the two leading presidential candidates, ostensibly to avoid a crisis.

He further alleged that, for his troubles, the Tuju-led team promised him a handsome compensation, which he however says he turned down because the government already pays him well to execute his mandate.

“…at about 3am on the morning of 15th August, 2022, I was visited by Raphael Tuju, Senator Amos Wako and Advocate Kyalo Mbobu. They indicated that they had made several attempts to see me to discuss the tallying and results. I told them that I could only meet them in the presence of all Commissioners,” read Chebukati’s affidavit.

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