June 14, 2024

Kenya Ranked 30th Hungriest Nation in the world

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According to the 2021 Global Hunger Index, Kenya is the 30th most hungry country out of 116 countries.

Kenya is ranked 87th out of 116 countries analyzed in the report.

According to the survey, 23% of Kenyans sleep on an empty stomach, and over 650,000 children under the age of five require nutritional treatment.

Somalia is the worst-affected country, with 50 percent of its inhabitants experiencing famine; Burundi, Comoros, South Sudan, and Syria are next, with 35-49.9%.

The COVID-19 epidemic, climate change, and conflicts are all causes that have led to the high number of individuals who do not have access to nutritious meals.

If the current situation is any indication, the worldwide goal of zero hunger by 2030 will not be met, according to the research.

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