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Klopp rules Liverpool out of the EPL title race after losing to Arsenal 

Klopp rules Liverpool out of the EPL title race after losing to Arsenal in a 3-2 defeat at Emirates Stadium on Sunday.

After Liverpool’s 3-2 loss to Arsenal eight games into the season, Jurgen Klopp ruled Liverpool out of the title fight for 2022–23.

With a goal within 60 seconds of the game’s start and two more goals after that, the Gunners were simply too hot for the Reds to handle.

Arsenal now leads the Premier League standings after nine games with eight victories.

However, it means that Liverpool currently has just two victories from their first eight Premier League games.

Even though it was only their second loss of the Premier League season, they are currently 14 points behind Arsenal after four more draws.

Despite having a game still to play, Liverpool’s next matchup is against the defending champions Manchester City.

Klopp rules Liverpool out of the title race

In reality, Klopp now argues that Liverpool are already out of the title race due to their being too far behind the leaders.

When asked if his team can win the championship, a pessimistic Klopp appeared to raise the white flag.

“Yeah, [we’re] not in the title race. Imagine if I would sit here and think we are nearly there. Of course, in a situation like ours, we play Arsenal, now we play Rangers obviously and then we play Man City, is that the perfect opponent for finding confidence back? Probably not!”

The Reds boss continued: “But it is always like this, in a situation like this: you can ask all the questions, but my answers, I cannot change really a lot.

“If you are winning, there are five million things we could talk about, ‘He’s great, he’s great and he’s super, and the goals were outstanding.’

“Losing is always the same, the conversations are a bit more rusty. I cannot change that, I couldn’t be bothered about it, to be honest. But what you build with your hand you knock down with your backside, that’s not helpful and that’s what we did.”

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