June 20, 2024

Rangnick holds one-on-one talks with Ronaldo-Fernandes-and Pogba ahead of the Leeds United game

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Ronaldo-Fernandes-and Pogba have had one on one talks with United coach with Rangnick keen to secure the top four.

Ralf Rangnick has turned into the galactico whisperer this week, soothing some of the biggest stars, and some might say egos, in the Manchester United team with his words. 

One-on-one meetings have been held with Cristiano Ronaldo-Fernandes-and Pogba among others. 

He was seen by Marcus Rashford at the end of last week. Rangnick is going through the team’s individual sessions one by one.

It’s a fresh task for the German coach, who is known for his tactical ingenuity and strategic brilliance on the field.

Of course, any boss has to deal with man-management issues, but Rangnick’s abilities in this area have never been put to the test quite like this.

Last week, both Harry Maguire and Marcus Rashford took to Twitter to debunk rumours of unrest at United, specifically that there is an English group that opposes Ronaldo’s attempt to dominate the dressing room.

However, no one can disagree that Ronaldo’s arrival, however reasonable it may appear on paper, has upset the balance on and off the pitch.

His continual need to be the accepted leader, according to those close to the dressing room.

Maguire will keep his captaincy, but the body language of Ronaldo and his English teammates will be scrutinized in Leeds and throughout the season. Ronaldo’s body language is very easy to decipher.

Rangnick indicated this week that tensions in the dressing room had been reduced by releasing players who wanted to go during the January transfer window, but it doesn’t answer the question of whether the players who left appreciate or even want Ronaldo there.

Rangnick’s task for the final three months of the season is to bring this varied bunch of players, all signed by different managers with different footballing ideologies, together into an united group.

‘It is an ongoing process,’ admitted Rangnick. ‘The challenge for me was in coming mid-season, at a time when the team was lacking confidence and not doing well.

‘And of course to work with a group that was not put together by me — that’s not alibis or excuses, just a mere fact. For me it was about getting the right mix, the right moments in which we had to play offensively and defensively.

‘Obviously we had to reduce the number of goals conceded, which we did, and on the other hand still be dangerous in possession. I think we have shown some improvement in the weeks and months, but there is space for more in the future.

‘We just need to play continuously, to stick to a game plan even if a game doesn’t go well. This is the thing we have to get better on.

‘I think since it’s obvious that the team has developed, that we control — not for 90 minutes — but for larger parts of the game. We are dominating and controlling games, this is what it’s all about in football. The team needs to know how to play and this will also raise their level of confidence, if you have a feeling of controlling games.’

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