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Ruto leaving nothing to chance to retain power as he unveils his 2027 political strategy

Ruto way ahead and is leaving nothing to chance to retain power as he unveils his 2027 political strategy.

To help his party gain ground across the country, President William Ruto has instructed the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) to hold grassroots elections starting in February 2023.

According to reports, the move will also serve as his political strategy for 14 affiliate parties to dissolve and join with UDA in preparation for 2027.

The president is also rumored to be balancing the day-to-day duties of being the Head of State while simultaneously keeping an eye on the party’s internal affairs.

“We are in preparations for grassroots polls next year and the president has indicated that he will be operating from the party offices once every month,” a party official told Nation. 

The UDA Secretary-General, Veronica Maina, confirmed the scheduled date of February 2023 for the local elections but remained mum on its purpose.

Johnson Muthama, the party’s chairman, did point out that President Ruto had ordered the polls at the local level in an effort to plan a strategy for the 2027 General Election.

“The party leader told me that we need to conduct elections as soon as possible and that means that we will have them at the beginning of the new year,” Muthama stated.

Amani National Congress (ANC) Secretary General, Simon Gikuru however, noted that the alliance’s priority ought to be service delivery to Kenyans.

“I am not aware of any merger plans. We will continue to operate as partner parties under Kenya Kwanza, People just voted the other day. What is of priority at the moment is to deliver the promises that we made to the people. We had a clear pre-election agreement that the President has since honoured in his appointments,” Gikuru stated. 

The news came as Muthama had initially affirmed that UDA would not force any affiliated party under the Kenya Kwanza regime to dissolve. 

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