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Section of Azimio politicians says they’re not ready for Raila’s “Reclaiming Victory” Campaign

Section of Azimio politicians says they’re not ready for Raila’s “Reclaiming Victory” Campaign saying they have already moved on.

A mixed response has been received to remarks made by Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio Coalition Party, that he will reclaim his victory, which he claimed was stolen during the August elections.

A handful of coalition-affiliated leaders from Kakamega county have already stated that they are not prepared to support Raila’s most recent campaign as they have moved on.

The Azimio politicians, led by Ayub Savula, the deputy governor of Kakamega, and Titus Khamala, the member of parliament for Lurambi, declared that while they had great respect for the ODM leader, their main priority was the needs of the electorate.

“Khamala and I are both in the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition Party. Our leader Raila Odinga is a good person, but we want to fault him slightly. He is now saying that we should reclaim victory. The Supreme Court already declared William Ruto as the duly elected president, and all this is now behind us,” said Savula. 

According to Savula, there is no other victory that they are going to reclaim after the Supre Court’s ruling. 

Titus Khamala weighs in on the matter Khamala, on his part, said that Raila has the right to speak his mind. 

“But as an elected Member of Parliament, my main focus is development. We are now fighting to retain the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), and we believe we will succeed. We have moved on because even if we start crying foul, Ruto is already organizing his government,” said Khamala. 

Recently, Raila declared that he would take back the win that he said had been taken from him at the elections in August.

He placed the blame on the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), claiming that it colluded with foreigners to steal votes and denied Kenyans the opportunity to choose the leaders they wanted.

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