Taliban intelligence agents destroy thousands of litres of alcohol amid crackdown

Taliban intelligence agents destroyed the liquor after seizing the barrels as the Taliban government increases raids over alcohol and drugs.

As the new Taliban authorities press down on the sale of alcohol, a team of Taliban intelligence agents spilled roughly 3,000 litres of alcohol into a canal in Kabul, according to the country’s spy agency.

The General Directorate of Intelligence published video footage of its agents pouring booze from barrels into the canal after seizing it during an operation in the capital.

“Muslims have to seriously abstain from making and delivering alcohol,” a religious scholar said in the video, posted by the agency on Twitter.

In a statement issued by the agency on Sunday, the three dealers were arrested during the operation.

Much under the previous Western-backed rule, selling and consuming alcohol was prohibited, but the Taliban, who are known for their austere interpretation of Islam, are even more adamant in their rejection.

Since the Islamists took control on August 15, the number of raids has grown around the country, especially on drug addicts.

Women’s rights have also been restricted by the Taliban government’s ministry for the promotion of virtue and the prohibition of vice.

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