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The most corrupt government ministries, Report

Interior and health top the list of most corrupt government ministries according to a report finding by EACC.

According to a report, corruption and unethical behavior are most likely to occur in the Ministries of the Interior, National Coordination, and Health.

According to a survey conducted by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, one is most likely to encounter corruption in the two ministries.

The Interior Ministry was mentioned by 42.4% of the respondents, and the Health Ministry by 19%.

Kenya Police and the Registrar of Persons were the two government agencies where respondents believed they would confront corruption (82.1% and 82.1%, respectively) (25.2 percent).

“County health services such as ambulance, health facilities and cemeteries (18.7 percent) and inspectorate askaris (8.7 percent) are most prone to corruption and unethical practices among the county government departments,” the report reads.

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On problems facing the country, unemployment ranked top at 56.2 percent followed by poverty (48 percent) and corruption at (43.7 percent).

According to the survey, those who live in urban areas pay more in bribes than those who live in rural areas (Sh7,615.08) (Sh5,852.49).

“Females pay higher bribes (Sh8,818.84) than males (Sh 5,410.94), while most younger people in the age group 18 to 24 years pay higher bribes than older ones,” the report reads.

The respondents of the survey were members of the general public aged 18 years and above at the household level.

The report had a representative nationwide household survey of 600 clusters with a total of 5,847 household respondents drawn from all 47 counties.

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