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Times Uhuru Kenyatta suffered protocol mishaps in foreign countries

Uhuru Kenyatta suffered protocol mishaps in foreign countries several times during his tenure as the President of Kenya.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta got severally stranded or lost during his tours as traveling Head of State in foreign countries.

Despite the issues that were captured on cameras, Uhuru remained composed as he understood how important it was to keep friendly relations with the nations.

Times Uhuru Kenyatta suffered protocol mishaps

Uhuru Lost for Almost an Hour in South Africa 

After taking office in 2013, Uhuru received an invitation to the late President Nelson Mandela’s memorial service in South Africa.

Uhuru, who had just taken office, reserved a private hotel room in Sandton, one of South Africa’s posh areas. 

He was to be escorted from the upscale hotel to the event location.

While various international leaders were present at the memorial service at the FNB stadium in Johannesburg, it was reported that South African police outriders got lost on their route to pick up Uhuru.

Uhuru was forced to watch the memorial services on live television since the police struggled for about an hour. However, he made the decision to disregard security protocol and asked his convoy to take him to the venue.

Uhuru made it to the stadium despite the downpour and gridlock, but he was a little late.

He was ushered to sit next to Barrack Obama, the 44th US president, as his reserved seat had already been taken.

“The President was staying in a private hotel frequented by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey waiting for the escort to come. The police outriders apparently got lost and could not find the hotel,” sources privy to the incident confirmed. 

Kenya’s High Commission in South Africa, later on, issued an apology to Kenya’s 4th President. 

Stranded in Ghana

Uhuru was left stranded in Ghana due to yet another protocol hiccup for about 15 minutes in the scorching sun.

The incident happened in 2016 when he joined other world leaders in celebrating Ghana’s Independence Day.

Uhuru patiently awaited the arrival of his convoy at the stadium.

Jerry Rawlings, the late president of Ghana, stepped in to save Uhuru, who appeared displeased with the protocol gaffe.

It was also reported Uhuru was mistakenly referred to as the Ghanaian President by protocol officials, evoking mixed reactions in the country.

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Booed in the UK 

After giving his lecture in front of London’s Royal Institute of International Affairs in 2018, Uhuru encountered an unfriendly mob.

His security team whisked him away from the scene after protestors holding placards asked him to respect the rule of law by allowing exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna to return home. 

“Respect rule of law, Respect human rights. Born Kenyan, Forever Kenyan,” one of the placards read.

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