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TSC unable to account for Ksh 720M meant for hiring 6000 interns

TSC (teachers’ employer) at pains to account for Ksh 720M meant for hiring 6000 interns in July 2022.

Teachers Service Commission, chairman, Jamleck Muturi, on Monday, December 19, was at pains to account for Ksh720 million allocated to hiring 6000 intern teachers in July 2022.

The National Assembly Education Committee, led by its chairman Joseph Nyutu, demanded explanations about the hiring of intern teachers and the utilization of monies allotted for the endeavor.

The committee claimed that the prolonged procedure caused numerous Kenyans to lose their jobs, resulting in a reduction in man-hours.

“People lost an income that had been budgeted for by the government. Where were you, and why did you delay the recruitment of these teachers? Nyutu questioned. 

The TSC Chairman responded by asserting that the recruitment was a delicate procedure that started right away but was hampered by exam preparations.

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The recruitment procedure began in July 2022, however Muturi explained that it was slightly delayed in October 2022 due to exams.

Despite this, the committee claimed that the exercise was not completed and that the commission was unable to account for the time and resources used.

“Recruitment is not a long-term thing, we have been seeing recruitment happening on time. Why did the commission not recruit and funds were allocated,” a committee member stated

It also demanded an account for the money allocated for the recruitment process.

“We want to know if the money is still there. Ksh720 million was allocated. It was supposed to have served Kenyans and not fixing some money in some bank somewhere.” 

The committee members wanted the commission to be charged a surcharge for any misappropriation of funds.

“Why does it take so long to identify the number of interns you need? It’s a matter of time before someone owns up and if possible the commission should be surcharged. We will surcharge you. We will calculate how the money was spent to the last cent,” one of the committee members stated.

TSC argued in defense of itself that the money had not yet been used and that it was going to use it to support the hiring effort it had committed to.

“I agree. These people have not reported working. There is no money lost its just that Kenyans have not earned their salary,” the TSC chairman stated

The committee also questioned the commission’s ability to hold the subsequent hiring on December 23, 2022.

The 6000 intern teachers were to be hired on a 12-month contract from July 2022. 

TSC extended the deadline for hiring 35,000 teachers on December 17 to December 23, 2022. For 9,000 permanent positions with pensionable lengths of service for secondary school teachers, the commission published job openings.

In addition, there were 4,000 openings in elementary schools and 21 junior secondary schools for teaching internships.

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