June 18, 2024

UK extends deadline for application for seasonal worker visa; issues guidelines on how to apply

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UK extends deadline for application for seasonal worker visa; issues guidelines on how to apply

The United Kingdom (UK) has extended the seasonal work visa programme for Kenyans and others until 2029

The United Kingdom (UK) has extended the seasonal work visa programme for Kenyans and others until 2029. 

The UK has allocated 43,000 visas for immigrant workers in horticulture and 2,000 visas for the poultry sector. 

The move increases opportunities for 45,000 Nigerians and others to pursue their immigration goals. Criteria for UK’s seasonal worker visa in 2024. The seasonal worker visa is for those not currently living in the US who can work as horticulturists for about six months, picking fruit, vegetables, and flowers or working in the poultry sector. 

Visas for horticulturists are available all year round, while poultry jobs run from October to December every year. 

Applicants for poultry worker visas must do so by November 15, annually.

Eligibility criteria for UK seasonal workers 

The age limit for UK seasonal worker visas is 18 years and above. They must show certificates of sponsorship from a UK employer and have at least 1,270 pounds as proof of funds for self-support unless the employer sponsors them. 

They must also have secured a job in the country. 

Applicants must have sponsorship certificates (COS) with serial numbers from the sponsor and a bank statement showing adequate funds unless sponsored. 

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They must also have a valid international passport with space for visas and a certified translation for non-English/Welsh documents. 

Applicants must complete the form on the UK government’s Visas and Immigration website and upload scanned documents. 

They must pay 259 pounds as a visa fee and book an appointment at a visa application centre. 

Applicants to the UK’s seasonal worker visa must apply three months before the job start date and be issued valid visas for six months. 

They must also enter the country two weeks before starting the new job. 

According to reports, applicants can work in specific areas indicated in their sponsorship certificates and study during the validity of their visas.

They must also take only temporary employment as additional jobs outside their certificates are prohibited, and access to public funds is also not allowed. 

They must not bring dependents or live permanently in the country. 

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