Ukraine military retaliates against Russia’s invasion, shooting down six Russian fighter jets

Ukraine military says it has shot down five fighter jets and a helicopter belonging to Russia in retaliation to Russian invasion.

This comes after Russia’s President Vladimir Putin ordered an earlier strike on Ukraine.

Hundreds of Russian servicemen are expected to have been killed in the incident, according to a Ukrainian defense spokesman.

Ukraine’s border guard agency also claimed that Russia launched an attack on the country from Belarus.

According to the agency, Russian troops launched an artillery barrage as part of a Belarus-backed invasion.

“Attacks on border units, border detachments, and checkpoints are carried out with the use of artillery, heavy equipment, and small arms. The work of enemy sabotage and reconnaissance groups is also recorded,” ,” Ukraine military said in a statement.

The statement was issued as a Ukrainian interior ministry official reported the fall of the previously government-held town of Shchastya, on the eastern frontline with a rebel-held enclave.

Russian airstrikes reportedly hit an apartment complex in the south of Kharkiv, Ukraine.

However, the Russian defence ministry denied information on downed aircraft.

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