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DSTV to exclusively air William Ruto’s Inauguration, local private media stations denied

DSTV to exclusively air William Ruto’s Inauguration with local private media stations denied exclusive coverage.

Multi-Choice-owned DSTV has confirmed that a Pop-up channel will live stream President-elect William Ruto’s inauguration. 

Ruto is set to be sworn in on Tuesday, September 13 at the Kasarani Stadium.

DStv which is owned by Multi-Choice confirmed the new development in a statement on their Twitter page on Saturday.

The pop-up channel will go live on Tuesday and close the following day.

“It is true that there will be Kenya Presidential Inauguration pop-up channel 197, which will go live on 13th September 2022 and close on 14th September 2022,” DStv said.

At the same time, private media stations will not get exclusive coverage of the event and will have to buy rights from Multi-Choice and KBC.

The broadcaster said the channel will only be available on the DSTV platform, not GoTv. 

KBC owns 40% of Multi-Choice.

However, unlike other national events where the local media gets exclusive coverage, they will reportedly get a feed from KBC and multichoice, who will have the exclusive right to cover. 

The new development sparked mixed reactions across social media;

Dennis Itumbi, HSC @citizentvkenya is preaching about the importance of Fair Coverage. They just forgot that Government through KBC owns 40% of multichoice, so it is not a Private Contractor. But hey Uwongo na Citizen same WhatsApp..Multichoice is even offering a dedicated African Channel!

Ndindi Nyoro; All Citizen TV had to do was provide fair coverage in the electioneering period but decided to campaign for Raila. Now they have to buy a signal to stream president Ruto’s date 13th inauguration. It is time for KBC to rediscover itself.

Wanja Sennan: I feel that Ruto cannot trust them. They might mess him big time after what they have been doing.

Wambui Chege: We KK are happy with the channel. You cannot understand if you were supporting a candidate who got all the airing time. The media has failed, let this be a lesson for them.

Doughlas: Unnecessary, but maybe the new administration is keen to bring back state corporations to their former glory. Plus the rest are free to air the content they receive.

Njau Wainaina: Why ‘launch’ a ‘pop up’ channel for this? How many Kenyans will know it exists? Is this not a strategy to drive the audience to the private channel; KK has contracted?

The Assumption of the Office of President Committee said the swearing-in ceremony will take place before 2 pm on the said day.


Citizen TV is likely to emerge winners in this new war against media. If 49% of Kenyans will watch citizen, and 50.04 Kenyans will divide themselves between KTN, NTV, KBC, K24, etc, your guess is as good as mine

Muraya Kariuki

The new President’s communication team has chosen a private contractor to cover the inauguration of the 5th President of Kenya. Local media which would have done a joint production at no charge will receive the contractor’s live feed. Exit the old, enter the new Hubris… KENYA!


Ruto akianza War against Citizen TV alafu Raila aanze war against other mediaa aki support Citizen TV ndio mtajua hii kenya nani ako na Influence, we are the majority , The cult is big…

KBC should just compete for viewership just like other Media stations The government won’t force people to watch KBC I prefer citizen TV The government should stop attacking Kikuyu businesses

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