June 14, 2024

‘Manchester United is dead ’ and ‘run by idiots’, says furious fan after FA Cup exit

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‘Manchester United is dead’ and ‘run by idiots’, says a furious fan, who blasts ‘rotten’ players and labels the Glazers as ‘parasites’ after a humiliating FA Cup exit.

These were the words of enraged Manchester United fan John, who launched an extraordinary tirade against the club’s ‘rotten’ players and ‘parasitic’ owners after their FA Cup defeat.

Middlesbrough knocked out the 12-time champions of the competition, losing 8-7 in a nail-biting penalty shootout.

Man United, on the other hand, were guilty of squandering multiple guilt-edge chances, with Cristiano Ronaldo shooting an early spot-kick wide and Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes also wasting golden openings.

Boro were able to seal a great night at Old Trafford and book their place in the fifth round thanks to their lack of composure in front of goal.

What does this mean for Manchester United? The Red Devils are still in the Champions League, but this is their sixth consecutive season without a trophy, according to John.

And, in his opinion, the loss exemplifies everything that is wrong with the club from top to bottom.

“MUFC, rest in peace,” John stated on The Sports Bar. The club is completely deserted. It’s dead from top to bottom.

“Jesse Lingard summed the club up this week when he said he didn’t ask for a few days’ rest. That just shows the players do not care about the football club, they do not care and it’s rotten, the club is rotten. The players are rotten, the Glazers are rotten.

“What’s Darren Fletcher doing on the bench? What his job is, I don’t know. 

“I think it [Middlesbrough’s equalizer] was handball but forget that, we had the chance to win the game.

“You see Jadon Sancho in the second half? He was injured and he couldn’t even move… that’s poor from the manager. 

“Our season’s over. It’s February and it’s over! That’s six years without a trophy. 

“The club’s a laughing stock and it’s run by idiots. Until the Glazers leave that club we’re not going to win anything. It doesn’t matter how many players we bring in, how many managers we bring in, they are taking money out of the club.

“They are parasites. Until they go, nothing’s going to change. 

“We’re in the Champions League but have no chance of winning that. We might as well play the kids until the end of the season.”

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