July 17, 2024

Manchester United star Mason Greenwood accused of attacking girlfriend for refusing se3 in shocking Instagram post

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Mason Greenwood, a Manchester United player, has been accused of domestic violence against his partner in a series of social media photographs and videos that have startled football fans.

Mason Greenwood’s girlfriend has revealed graphic photos and videos of injuries she alleges the Manchester United player inflicted on her.

Harriet Robson shared a series of graphic photos on Instagram depicting the scratches and bruises she claims England striker Harry Kane, 20, caused.

One image depicted the WAG with a large cut on her top lip and blood running down her face and chin.

Others showed her with big purple marks across her arms, legs, and hips, as well as a clip of her crying.

Robson used her Instagram stories this morning to post photos and footage of the alleged assault she has received.

Blood was running down her chin and chest from a big gash to her top lip in the first clip.

She wrote: ‘To everyone who wants to know what Mason Greenwood actually does to me.’

It was followed by a photo of her right knee, which was covered with bruises while she sat on a sofa.

Her eyes were filled with tears in the next photo, and there appeared to be a black mark on the ceiling behind her.

A third image showed what appeared to be her hip, which had a massive purple bruise strewn across it.

She also shared a Snapchat photo of bruising on her left arm taken at her residence in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Another mark was visible over the top of her left arm and shoulder in a final shot.

Robson then shared a voice note from October 22 that sounded like a confrontation with a man.

The man says: ‘Harriet… move your legs up. Move your f***ing legs up.’ She says: ‘No, I don’t want to have sex.’

He says: ‘I don’t give a f*** what you want you little s***.’ She tries to protest but he says ‘shut up’.

He goes on: ‘Talking to me stop.’ Robson says: ‘Stop putting your d*** near me. I don’t want to have sex with you.’

He says: ‘I don’t care if you want to have f***ing sex with me. Do you hear me?’ She says: ‘Why do I have to do this though?’

He says: ‘Because I asked you politely and you wouldn’t do it. I asked you politely and you wouldn’t do it. What else do you want me to do?’

He adds: ‘Push me again one more time and watch what happens to you.’ She says: ‘No.’ He goes on: ‘Well you will actually and watch what happens. Get the f*** off me.’

Manchester United said it was aware of the allegations but would not comment until ‘the facts have been established, while police said they are looking into it.

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