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Passenger plane from JKIA redirected mid-air after an emergency alert

A passenger plane from JKIA heading to Douala in Cameroon redirected mid-air after an emergency alert.

On Sunday, June 25, a Nairobi-bound Embraer 190 passenger flight that was its route to Douala, Cameroon, was diverted due to an emergency alert.

Flight 570 was due to depart at 6:24 am and arrive at 9:35 am, according to live updates from Flight Radar 24, a website that monitors air traffic in real time.

Nevertheless, after receiving emergency reports from the aircraft hours after takeoff, it was returned to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

But at the time of publication, the emergency’s precise circumstances were still unclear.

Speaking to the media, a representative from KCAA argued that rerouting of planes was a common occurrence and was not a cause for an alarm. 

“Redirecting of flights is a common occurrence and, therefore, if the plane has been redirected, I do not think it is a matter of concern because it will be well handled by the authority,” the representative stated. 

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The plane’s rerouting meant that passengers aboard Flight 570 will have to find alternative planes for their travel once they are back at the airport or wait for the plane to be cleared to continue with the journey.

Alternatively, the authorities at the airport can choose to move the passengers to a different plane after they alight to allow them to continue their journey within the day. 

In a separate incident on April 15, a passenger plane en route to Nairobi from Sudan was redirected to Athen in Greece following unrest in the country. 

Responding to diversion reports, the airline’s representative indicated that the decision was a safety measure because Sudan airspace was considered unsafe for the plane.

The move came after several other airlines suspended flights to Sudan including EgyptAir.

“In light of the information received about the unstable security situation in Sudan, EgyptAir announces to its valued customers that it will temporarily suspend its flights to Khartoum Airport, starting today, Saturday, April 15, 2023, for 72 hours,” its statement read in part.

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