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Police arrested for shooting a minor

Police arrested after the accidental shooting of a 15-year-old minor while trying to quell a mob in Ngong.

The minor was shot after the police rifle discharged a bullet hitting the boy in the abdomen leaving him with life-threatening injuries.

According to reports, the mob was pursuing a suspect accused of stabbing a woman three times, leaving her for dead.

The mob had cornered the suspect before authorities tried to rescue him which led to the shooting incident.

A witness said the bullet hit the boy, flooring him as the mob dispersed.

It was then the suspect, the one who had been stabbed and the boy were picked up and rushed to hospital.

The suspect was treated and discharged from Ngong Sub County Hospital while the boy and the first victim were referred to Kenyatta National Hospital for further treatment.

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It is not clear the differences that led to the fight between the man and the woman, but police have stated that he is in custody after he was discharged.

The police who shot the boy was disarmed and arrested he waits to be taken to court to face charges.

Cases of misuse of official weapons by state agents are on the rise amid calls to tame the trend.

Law enforcers are required to use teargas and rubber bullets when controlling crowds, but instances of deaths after live bullet shots have cast doubt on whether this is in practice.

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