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Raila accepts the Supreme Court verdict but questions the “tone and language” used

Raila accepts the Supreme Court verdict but questions the “tone and language” used by the judges while delivering the ruling.

Raila Odinga says he has accepted the Supreme Court verdict upholding the election of William Ruto as the 5th president of the Republic of Kenya but vowed to continue with the struggle “for accountability”.

In a statement soon after the verdict that dismissed his petition to overturn Ruto’s election, Raila said “we respect the opinion of the court although we vehemently disagree with their decision.”

Ruto’s victory was upheld in a unanimous decision of a seven-judge bench led by Chief Justice Martha Koome, dismissing all 8 grounds raised by Raila and other petitioners.

The Azimio leader mentioned that the move by the Supreme Court to throw out his petition and substantially uphold the victory of President-Elect William Ruto doesn’t mean the end of the movement by Azimio proponents.

In a statement posted on his social media pages, Raila accepted the Supreme Court verdict but questioned the “tone and language” used by the judges while delivering the ruling.

He wondered how the seven-judge bench found against them on all nine grounds and occasions resulted in “unduly exaggerated to refute our language”. 

“Our lawyers preferred irrefutable evidence, and the facts were on our side. Unfortunately, the judges saw it otherwise,” he said. 

During the reading of the ruling, Chief Justice Martha Koome referred Jose Camargo evidence presented by Julie Soweto as hot air which took the Supreme court on a wild goose chase that yielded nothing of value.

‘…the Gacharaigu polling station form 34A that was sensationally raised by Julie Soweto was nothing more than hot air and amounted to a wild goose chase…’ Koome lamented.

Nevertheless, the Orange Democratic Leader thanked his supporters for supporting his quest for the presidency which he has unsuccessfully done for five times now.

“We thank our supporters and Kenyans across the country for standing with us. We will be communicating in the near future on our plans to continue our struggle for transparency, accountability, and democracy,” Odinga noted.

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