July 17, 2024

Revealed! Why U.S. refused to send its soldiers to Haiti opting for Kenya

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Why U.S. rufused to send its soldiers to Haiti

Government of explains why U.S. is not sending its soldiers to Haiti instead opting for Kenya to lead the peace keeping mission

Government of explains why U.S. is not sending its soldiers to Haiti instead opting for Kenya to lead the peace keeping mission.

Foreign CS Alfred Mutua has responded to criticism over the move to deploy police officers to Haiti in a deal with the United States.

Critics have pointed out that the US itself was not ready to deploy troops, following failed missions in the troubled Caribbean nation in the 1990s.  

Speaking during a foreign brief on the just concluded United Nations General Assembly, Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua revealed that the US had put the matter into consideration.

In the end, the US opted against sending officers since Haiti was a close neighbor and could not take charge of the mission.

Mutua also stated that despite a rise in crime, Kenya was in a better position since it could afford to send 1,000 soldiers. 

The Foreign Affairs CS felt the criticism against the Kenyan government is unwarranted since the operation will not be funded by Kenyan taxpayers. 

The US has agreed to contribute Ksh14 billion towards  Kenya’s police mission in Haiti.

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On when Kenya will send police officers to Haiti, Mutua explained that it will be January 2024. 

“We expect the United Nations Mandate within the next few weeks,” he revealed what was holding back the deployment.

“We have started planning logistics, equipment, and personnel.”

According to the Foreign Affairs CS, the government had already started teaching French to police officers who would be deployed to Haiti. 

The 1,000 officers who will be sent to Haiti will not be expected to engage gangs that have taken over key regions in Haiti. 

Instead, the officers will be expected to guard key government installations including ports, airports, parliament and hospitals.

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