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Ruto ally initiates process to impeach judges after president’s remarks

Kiambu Senator Karungo Thang’wa initiates process to impeach judge amid President Ruto onslaught on the Judiciary.

On Thursday, January 4, Kiambu Senator Karungo wa Thang’wa disclosed to the Senate his proposal to change the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) Act as well as the High Court Act. 

According to Thang’wa, the goal of the action was to guarantee that judges will be subject to the same standards of accountability as other state officials who hold constitutional posts. 

The Kiambu said that judges were not subject to an evaluation every five years, in contrast to politicians, including the President.

The Ruto ally noted that his proposed amendments if adopted by the house would further see more judges impeached. 

“The JSC consists of 11 members with 9 of them being members of the judicial community. This has hampered the Commission in its delivery since they cannot crack the whip on one of their own,” he explained.

On the new changes proposed by the Senator, JSC will be reconstituted to add more members of the public who are not in the legal field. 

“This can be achieved by reducing the number of judicial officers in the commission or increasing the JSC membership,” he explained.

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On impeachment, Senator Thang’wa explained that the decision should not be misconstrued as the Kenya Kwanza administration targeted specific judges. 

He explained that the judges who were found to have broken their oath to office should be impeached just like any other state officer. 

Other changes the Senator is proposing include establishing a Policies Court within the High Court dedicated to handling litigations challenging government policies. 

The proposal comes amid President onslaught on the Judiciary claiming that the judges are hellbent on sabotaging his government programmes.

However, Chief Justice Martha Koome on Wednesday issued a statement remarking that judges would not be intimidated by other arms of government.

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