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Ruto will have the weakest opposition, Raila should just retire as people have failed to appreciate him, Analysts

Ruto will have the weakest opposition with analysts urging Raila to retire from politics as people have failed to appreciate him.

The recent defections witnessed from Azimio la Umoja to Kenya Kwanza have raised political eyebrows on whether the opposition will excel in its oversight role. 

Notably, Ruto was criticized for the gains he has made in the opposition by Azimio La Umoja, which is led by former prime minister Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Particularly, Ruto came under fire for using contradictory language after reiterating his refusal to shake hands with Raila in order to create a powerful opposition that would make his administration subject to checks and balances.

Raila has not yet been drawn into a public disagreement with Ruto but Uhuru cautioned his former deputy to be wary of stronger opposition. 

“We must be prepared to be the strongest opposition and diligently discharge our duty. Get it, take it or leave it. I will be a proud citizen who will join my leader Raila, waiting for direction to be given.

“I will stand with him and I know what he has gone through,” Uhuru stated on September 7, at Masai Lodge during a meeting with Azimio elected leaders.

Additionally, Raila’s running mate Martha Karua, criticized Ruto for trying to create a one-party state as was the case during Mzee Daniel Arap Moi’s era.

“This is a deliberate & sustained offensive to decimate the opposition and return the country to a de facto one-party state,” Martha Karua stated in reference to the defection by former Kisii governor James Ongwae.

Speaking to a local media, social development consultant and political analyst Nafula Kisiang’ani stated that the opposition’s weakness was already portrayed in Parliament where Kenya Kwanza clinched the speakers’ seats. 

Former Bungoma senator, Moses Wetangula, and former Kilifi governor, Amason Kingi, were elected National Assembly and Senate speakers respectively. 

Nafula Kisiang’ani, however, warned that it would be a mistake to underestimate Raila and Uhuru as they are able to hatch new strategies to tame Ruto. 

“If indeed the deep state still exists, then it is still a powerful force. It (deep state) understands the systems and definitely, they (Uhuru and Raila) have an influence on the people who were employed. 

“I think the only way the opposition will be effective is through the back door especially now that Uhuru was president for 10 years,” she stated.

Nonetheless, University of Nairobi don Herman Manyora was of the opinion that the two will exit the political scene and mentor other leaders to assume the opposition mantle. 

“Uhuru might not go to the opposition. We gave him a job and he did it and it is time for him to relax. Raila on the other hand has done a lot for this country and people have failed to appreciate him. If it is about the opposition, let other people play that part,” he stated.

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