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Ruto’s Plan to manufacture cheap phones for hustlers

Ruto’s Plan to manufacture cheap phones for hustlers as the implementation of Konza techno city takes shape.

Eliud Owalo, the ICT Cabinet Secretary, disclosed the government’s intention to use Konza City’s technological development to produce low-cost gadgets, especially phones for hustlers.

On November 3, Owalo highlighted that Konza City was ideally positioned to advance technology in the nation while touring the multi-billion dollar project.

Eliud Owalo added the city will play an integral role in implementing the Hustler Fund, set to be disbursed on December 1, 2022.

“For us to roll out the fund, we need cheap but adequately IT-enabled devices, this is where Konza comes in. We see Konza as a way of innovation (through which we can) manufacture handsets that can cheaply be accessed by hustlers,” he explained.

“Konza plays a major role in the implementation of the Hustler Fund. As we launch it, we are relying on technology to help access and repayment of the same,” he added.

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The CS intimated that the government would establish a data center to house all government information and improve security while noting that the initiative was at the core of the bottom-up economic strategy.

Konza is already in a good position for the development of the data center, so we will choose government data and have it domiciled within the data center, he said. “We want to organize government data in one secure and easily accessible location.

By giving Kenyans technical, creative, and software skills, the multibillion-dollar endeavor will help reduce unemployment.

“We want to enhance the level of our innovation and creativity, this is a move we envisage that we will be able to create multiple jobs for our youths,” the CS said.

“Kenya can attract direct foreign investment based on the infrastructure that we already have while leveraging on the technology,” Owalo enthusiastically stated.

Konza City was launched in 2009 by the late President Mwai Kibaki as part of Vision 2030.

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