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Wajackoyah chides Ruto over GMOs, “men grow breasts, women beards”

Wajackoyah chastises President William Ruto over his plans to import GMO foods into the country.

The Roots Party leader and former presidential candidate said GMO foods were banned in Mexico after their research found that genetically modified organisms are unfit for human consumption.

“You are being told about GMOs. Mexico rejected the foods after research, about 500 men developed breasts and women grew beards”

Wajackoyah said at the Emuhaya youth talent on Monday, 26.

The government’s argument that GMOs will assist battle hunger is untrue, according to him; instead, they will only have a detrimental effect on people.

Without offering any supporting evidence, Wajackoyah asserted that if the foods were let enter, Kenya would experience a similar outcome to Mexico.

“Hiyo mambo ya GMO nayo tumekataa, lakini ikiwa mtakula hiyo GMO, wanawake watamea ndevu na wanaume watamea matiti.”

(We have rejected GMOs, but if you consume the foods, women will grow beards and men will develop breasts)

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In October 2022, Mexico announced that it was considering direct agreements with farmers in the United States, Argentina, and Brazil to secure non-genetically modified yellow corn imports, with the country’s deputy agriculture minister saying that a 2024 ban on GM corn would not be amended.

Deputy Agriculture Minister Victor Suarez said Mexico is on track to halve its U.S. imports of yellow corn, used primarily for livestock feed, when the ban comes into effect in 2024 through increased domestic production.

However, a dispute between the US and Mexico over the latter’s proposal to restrict the import of genetically modified corn by 2024 worsened in November.

Mexico’s president was forewarned by US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack that if a “acceptable resolution” could not be reached, the US would be compelled to file a lawsuit.

Mexico claims that its own historic natural corn varieties are in danger from GM seeds.

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