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Wamuchomba criticizes Ruto over controversial Finance Bill ‘Stop lying to Kenyans’

Githunguri Member of Parliament Gathoni Wamuchomba accuses Ruto of lying to Kenyans over the controversial finance bill.

Gathoni Wamuchomba has accused President William Ruto of lying to Kenyans regarding the housing project and other contentious proposals in the Finance Bill 2023.

Wamuchomba, who has already stated her opposition to the Bill, maintains that while the Head of State is aware of the nation’s dire situation, his plan for redemption is inappropriate and might not be successful.

Speaking on a local radio station, Wamuchomba argued that Ruto ought to hold economic forums with powerful people and those with large incomes, much like he did during the campaign, to get their opinions on how to aid the nation’s recovery.

The Githunguri Member of Parliament insists President Ruto should seek financial help from Kenyans to recover the country’s economy.

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“We understand this country is in a mess but we cannot get out of this through lies, we will only get out of this by speaking the truth. Those of us with huge salaries and good income should sit and discuss why the country is sinking under our watch and what we can do to recover it,” she said.

Instead of oppressing the downtrodden with taxes, the lawmaker insisted the President should humbly seek help from those with enough.

Already, traders from some markets, she said, have started pulling out of business due to the numerous burdens, a move she stated might worsen the joblessness crisis in the country.

Wamuchomba insisted that while there are good proposals in the controversial finance bill that might help the country to recoup, most of them are meant to oppress the lowly who ought to be empowered to go for their dreams.

“I am not fighting the housing project but most of the items we are going to use are imported and as a result, we will be sending more dollars away instead of confining them here,” she said while commenting on the proposed 1.5 percent housing levy.

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