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China offers to support Ruto’s education agenda through a scholarship programme

China offers to support Ruto’s education agenda through a scholarship programme, according to Chinese ambassador Zhou Pingjian.

Chinese ambassador to Kenya, Zhou Pingjian has confirmed that China will be seeking to strengthen diplomatic ties with President William Ruto’s new administration.

The Chinese ambassador said that his nation would support Ruto’s administration, with cooperation in the educational system being a major priority. 

He was speaking on Saturday, October 1, at the University of Nairobi (UoN).

He made a suggestion that the Chinese government will expand its scholarship program to include more spending in the field of education.

Zhou Pingjian noted that the scholarship had benefited thousands of students in the country and that fostering diplomatic ties will grow and develop Kenya’s economy. 

“We also appreciate the importance and significance of education. It is one of the priority areas of our bilateral cooperation. 

“I hope our partnership can do more to promote this cooperation. The embassy started this scholarship programme 10 years ago and we can do more. For us it is the only natural thing to do,” he stated.

“We are simply one family. At the embassy, it’s only natural for us to find ways to show our friendship. The embassy started the scholarship program ten years happy that we can play a small part in rewarding the Kenyan students,” he stated

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The statement by the Chinese ambassador comes days after he was hosted by National Assembly speaker, Moses Wetangula, who allayed fears that Ruto’s government would scale down ties with the Asian country.

China has been one of Kenya’s largest infrastructure investors, with the majority of the major projects being completed during the administration of former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Among the notable Chinese projects in Kenya are Standard Guage Railway, and the Nairobi Expressway among others.

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