Most confident supporters on winning the Premier League this season, Report

Most confident supporters on winning the Premier League this season with 80% of Man City fans hoping to retain the league.

According to a recent study, Manchester City supporters are the most confident in the Premier League going into the new season.

Last season, Pep Guardiola’s team won the championship for the fourth time in five years, and its supporters believe they are in a strong position to do so again this year.

Modern science was employed in a study commissioned by BT Sport to determine whether or not fans actually believe the forecasts they have made for the upcoming season.

In collaboration with Imperial College London, a group of neuroscientists examined football fans’ perceptions before the upcoming season using cutting-edge functional MRI equipment.

The survey revealed that 80% of Manchester City fans think that their team will finish top of the league this season, while the MRI technology showed that 48% of Citizens are either confident or very confident in predicting the final table. 

Liverpool pushed City all the way in 2021-22 and are set to be their nearest challengers again, but just 69% of Reds fans think they will win the league and only 33% were shown to be confident in their predictions. 

Other fan bases that view themselves as league winners include Chelsea (31%), Arsenal (22%), and Manchester United (22%). 

‘It’s at this time of the year that everyone looks ahead to the new season and tries to forecast what will happen,’ Jamie Hindhaugh, head of BT Sport, said. 

‘Our fan survey highlights some notable predictions, while our campaign tests those beliefs to find out if fans really do think they’re true.’

Meanwhile, most Premier League fans (64%) feel Manchester United will never recover the level of success they achieved during the Sir Alex Ferguson years and almost half (48%) of the club’s own fans agree with this view. 

The research also looks at the predicted league positions of each club and compares that to where fans would place their own clubs. 

The most optimistic fans are Crystal Palace and Brighton – with their supporters’ predicted finishing positions three places higher compared to other fans’ predictions of their club’s finishing position.

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